Friday, June 5, 2009


Ferry Terminal

150 year anniversary pavilion
the park that Masao Koizumi designed
night shot....
Yesterday, we visited Yokohama. We were fortunate to have the pleasure of being shown around the city by architect Masao Koizumi. We first visited his firm and then he took us to see some projects along the harbor. A park that he designed had just opened two days prior, so it was a great experience being able to listen to him describe the project to us. We also saw two other architecture offices. I regretfully cannot remember the names of the firms, but one of the architects from one of them showed us a project he worked on. It was the pavilion for Yokohama's 150 anniversary. The pavilion was cool, but the events inside were bizarre. There was this girl singing to a very unanimated crowd, and that was about it. Except for...a giant spider!!! There was this huge animatronic spider that these mechanics climbed inside and operated. Very strange, and very Japanese! We also visited the Ferry Terminal, which was amazing. One on my favorite modern architecture projects that we've visited so far in Japan. We ended the day by eating in Chinatown. Very fun! Oh, and I am done with design as of today. Hallelujah!!!!!!

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