Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dog Park!!

Since there hasn't been a torrential downpour lately, I've finally had the chance to go into Yoyogi Park which is behind our dorms. It was so much fun! We found the dog park where all the young, hip Tokyo-ites (?) take their dogs and parade them around. They are all pedigrees wearing silly little outfits. I got a real kick out of it. There was the hipster with his neurotic black standard poodle (like Coco!), with his girlfriend with the miniature black poodle. And the naughty French bulldog that jumped up onto the park bench and peed on this woman's Burberry purse. And the ex-patriot with the crazed Jack Russel Terrier named Magic Mu that played an amazing game of soccer. I'm definetly going there everytime I get stressed or feel down. Highlight of my week!

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