Monday, May 4, 2009

Harajuku Lovers

tea time!

Audi building
An ape doing calligraphy!
Tod's store
Forever 21 madness
oh hai!
ahhh! shopping crazed mob


I'm finally in Tokyo!! It is everything I expected it to be: lots of concrete and people!
Yesterday, Sig and I cruised around the Roppongi district and had tea at this fabulous place. The girl at the place prepared macha-a green tea from powder-in front of us. She went through all these steps and ceremony preparing it. Definitely a cool experience!
Today we received our new design assignment (another mixed-use, urban infill project) so we went to the Harajuku district for some inspiration. It was madness. There were so many freaking people there. Like don't people have work or school? It's Monday!! Anyways, a Forever 21 opened up and there had to be a police blockade controling the crowd. We saw some of the cool designer stores too, like Dior, Tods, LV, etc. Some of the girls the walk around Harajuku are beyond outrageous...I don't know how one can maintain these looks! It is like Halloween every day!
Oh, and we saw a pet store with $2,700 kitties, no joke.


  1. OH hai!!!! you should also wear stuffed animals in your hair Bianca!

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