Friday, May 22, 2009


Kenrokuen GardenThe Teahouse at Kenrokuen

The 21st Century Contemporary Art Museum of Kanazawa
I like the wallpaper!!
Beep, beep!!
Watch out for the giant comb!
Hi girls!

Next stop on our week of travel is Kanazawa. It is a big city on the western coast of Japan. We walked around the Kenrokuen Garden, another picturesque garden. There was a teahouse that served macha (the powder-type green tea). After the garden, we walked to the 21st Century Contemporary Art Museum of Kanazawa. The highlight were these funky bicycle things that were all decked out that you could ride around the museum in. I wanted the pink one shaped like a giant comb :) It was pretty yucky and rainy today, so we headed back to the hotel after lunch.
I'm starting to really miss all the comforts of home. I have definitely enjoyed my time here in Japan, but I miss California!! Only a few more weeks!

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