Saturday, March 28, 2009

Calligraphy Class

The place where we are renting a room for our design classes is called the Kyoto International Community Center. It is a large building with a library, cafe, and conference rooms. When we went on our tour, I noticed an advertisement for free classes there on the weekends. Yesterday, Sig and I went to the center and took a calligraphy class. Outside, there was a wedding party taking photos. The brides wear a huge headdress.
The ladies that taught the class were so nice! We practiced writing some characters and then tried to paint some flowers. Ugh, it was alot harder then they make it look! I definitely felt like a kindergartner writing for the first time, lol. But, of course, the instructors were very encouraging, telling us we were doing great and asked us to come back again. At the end, they brewed some fresh tea and passed it around. Very fun experience!

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