Friday, March 27, 2009

Loving Japan :)

My flight to Japan went really well! Luckily it was at night, so I slept the majority of the time. Asiana airlines is a very enjoyable airline to fly with.
I am currently in Kyoto and absolutely love it! The people are so polite and everything is super clean. It seems like there is an ancient temple on every corner. And nobody locks there bikes!
I am staying at the Higashiyama Sanjo Hotel for two weeks and then we move into student housing. Yesterday we went on a mini tour of Kyoto...Don Choi (my professor) showed us where we are renting a classroom for design studio, and then we went to visit his old Japanese professor who is going to be teaching us Japanese.
It is a very special time to be visiting Kyoto...cherry blossoms!! The cherry blossom festival is going to be in a couple weeks. I've seen several ladies dressed in traditional kimonos.
I'm really enjoying myself so far...I feel very fortunate for having the opportunity to study here in beautiful Japan.

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