Friday, March 20, 2009

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Yay! My first blog :) I got into La Paz on Wednesday evening. Yesterday (Thursday) we took the paddleboard to Costa Baja. It is this HUGE Naish board-wood with yellow rails. Kind of a pain to lug up and down the stairs, but worth it. At the beach: The water was so incredibly warm! Daddy demonstrated how to stand up, manuever, and paddle on the mega-board. Pretty simple. Except for balancing! I was going fairly well, focusing on the board below me, when I got hit by a rogue wave (ie. ripple from a boat's wake). I lost my balance, and up! went my feet and I came crashing down into the water. I quicky got up and tried to ride one of the other waves back in, but was unsuccessful. We traded off for about an hour and a half, cruising around the bay. I was surprised to look back at one point, finding myself a good quarter mile from the coast. Oh! And I saw a few sting rays! And a bunch of fish, and one large crab covered in algae :)

Overall, great expereince. And a great work out! Definitely feeling it today! We are going to take it out again this weekend to La Ventana. Maybe I catch some real waves!

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