Monday, April 27, 2009

Last days in Kyoto

Japanese class with Sensei Wantanabe

Sitting crosslegged on the floor for 2 hours=pain!

in front of our language class

strange ring around the sun on our last day in Kyoto

I'm now on an adventure thru southern Japan, but I wanted to comment on my stay in Kyoto. Kyoto was such an amazing experience. I feel so fortunate that it worked out that we were able to arrive and stay thru the cherry blossom season (only a couple weeks out of the whole year). By the end of our month stay in the city, I knew my way around pretty well. Japanese class with Sensei Wantanabe was definetly a love/hate was difficult and time consuming, but Sensei was such a joy to be around. He would constantly be joking around and picking on us (lighthearted, of course!). I was sad to say goodbye to him, but we are off to experience other parts of this beautiful country.

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