Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Funday (and Happy Easter!!)

(look at the beautiful foliage in the back!!)


We started the morning with a quick visit to Nijo Castle. I enjoyed it more at night when the cherry blossoms were lit up. Afterward, a small group of us went to the base of some of the mountains on the edge of town. There we hiked up this exhausting trail to MONKEY PARK!!! These are wild monkeys tame enough to be around humans. There was a structure where you could go into and feed them through a fence (it's funny because the people are the ones in the cage!!) The larger males would get aggressive and fight a bit, but a guy walks around with a broom and swats at the naughty ones. Outside and up away from the feeding area is where all the mommies and babies hang out. The babies were super cute. It was definetly a unique experience.

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  1. hit the naughty ones with a broom hahahaha - funny but true!